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About US

With over 20 years of experience in the Fabrication and Welding craft, Technofab Annapurna Pvt. Ltd. Provides Customised Fabricated Metal products and Welding Services.


With over 20 years of experience in the fabrication and welding craft, Technofab Annapurna Pvt. Ltd. provides customised fabricated metal products and welding services. Established in 2000, the business is situated in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Aditya Engineering is our associated concern situated in Bhilai.

Organization Chart

Mr. M. R. Jain


Mr. Vinay Jain


Mr. R S Kundu

Technical Head

Mr. Dalveer Singh

Electrical Department

Mr. J. C. Sarkar

Quality Control Head

Mr. Sudhir Kumar

Production Executive

Mr. Chandramani


Mr. Manish


Mr. M D Satif Sheikh

Q C Department

Company Information

Company Regristration746/DIC : DRG/SS1/79/11208
Factory Licence No15088/15088/G-FAB/DRG/2M(I)
Date Of Incorporation11/FEB/2000
Small Scale Industry220101100412
Permanent A/c NumberAABCT9613N
Tin Number22533300455
Central Sale Tax Number13/04/1287/C/DT-08-07-2003

" A loving family provides the foundation children need to succeed and strong family bond with man and women - bonded together for life " similarly a good foundation is the base for every project and every business. here in Technofab Annapurna Pvt. Ltd. We try to build this foundation by providing superior quality products like Laddle, Laddle car, Tundish, Silo, Scrap Box, Cooler, etc.., Which is been achieved using highly skilled craftman and outstanding customer services. 

The firm strives continuosly for fulfiling its mission which is "To provide high-value products to the domestic markets with regards to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems for the advencement of its employees, guaranteed customer satisfaction."

With a vision to be recognished globally as a fabrication plant committed to deliver high quality products that exceeds customer requirements and expectations, the firm continuously keeps itself and its employees upgrading and thus preparing itself for a better tomorrow.


Total Area28000sq. ft.
Build-Up Area15000sq. ft.
Open Area13000sq. ft.
Installed Power150 HP
Mobile Pick And Carry Crane 08 Tonne & 12 Tonne
Water Level Bed13 mtr x 12 mtr